Car Weigh Request Policy

Union Pacific maintains scales at various locations for railroad purposes. When possible, Union Pacific provides certified weights at a customer's request, for a fee, in order to complete the customer's commercial transaction. This practice originally arose in an era when transportation charges were primarily based on weight. Today, however, the vast majority of freight charges are per car, so weights are not required for determination of transportation charges.

  • Union Pacific will attempt to weigh a customer car as requested, for a fee, if there is a scale within the Union Pacific route. If the car misses the weigh, Union Pacific will attempt to have the car re-weighed if a scale is in the route, however due to car scheduling we cannot guarantee the car will be weighed. A customer is responsible to pay the weigh fee only if the car is weighed.
  • If a scale is not within the route, but the customer is requesting a car to weigh, they should contact Billing Services to determine the appropriate road-haul charges to and from the scale. The customer will be required to pay the additional road-haul to the scale in addition to the weigh fee. Moving a car to a scale out of route for an additional fee may or may not be an option based on car scheduling and railroad operations.

If you have any further questions regarding the process for requesting weights, please contact your Union Pacific sales representative or the National Customer Service Center at 800-272-8777.